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Written Exam or Online, Know the difference.

Trying to decide which form of the Sanitation Manager's exam you should take well let us help you out.

Written Exams

These exams involve you using the traditional exam form where you fill in the bubbles that correspond with your answers. You will need a #2 pencil to complete these exams and results take anywhere from 7 - 10 business days. You do not get a mailed certificate when you pass but you will have electronic access through your ServSafe account. Believers staff also make sure we send out results as soon as we get them to cut down on the waiting time.

Online Exams

Online exams require you to have an online ServSafe account set up and use of a computer during examination time. Although these exams require you to have more computer knowledge to take, you will receive electronic results and your certificate within 24 hours after taking it. You will also know if you passed immediately after the proctor enters there code to complete your exam.

Both exams can be used when taking your class with us. By default we issue the paper version but if you want to request the online version and there is access to a laptop or desktop computer available during exam time. When registering for classes indicate that on your registration form so we can order the correct form.

For a list of our November 2018 sanitation classes click the red delivery truck posting on our blog page at

Have a great day and happy testing!

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