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We Are Looking For Photos!

Believers' Training Department is looking for inspiring photos that capture our customers success! Send us your photos of the following:

  • Photos of you holding your sanitation certificate

  • Photos of you with your passed inspection report

  • Photos of your staff practicing food safety

  • Photos of you working in the food service industry

  • Or any other photos that might inspire and encourage our students to continue being safe in the food service industry.

You may also share your stories of success and how Believers assisted you through our contact page. Send us a message about what your issue was, how we helped and what the result was of that help. If you'd like for us to publish your photo with the story sign a release form.

How to share!

1. Please Visit our website

2. Click the contact page tab

3. Download the photo release form by clicking the blue button next to the camera icon

4. Return the completed and signed photo release form to our email ( along with your favorite picture!

5. To share your story send it to our email or through our contact page along with your picture.

Thank you and we look forward to your photos!!!!!

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