Our catering services add that personal touch that you need to make your event a success.  From romantic dinners for two to larger group parties, we assist in making your vision a reality. We pride ourselves on serving individuals with care, love and quality. Call us today for your next event.

We have recently added individual meal delivery to our services! Are you unable to cook or simply don't have the time but would like to enjoy a home-cooked meal without the work?  Call us or view our online meal delivery menu and subscription options to get your meal plan started today.


Browse our traditional menus or let us create something new for you. We can customize a menu that suits your appetite!
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Hors D Oeuvres & Appetizers


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  Combined Menu

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Themed Dinner Packages

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Breakfast Packages


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Personal chef  service 

We bring our culinary expertise to your home or business by providing personal chef demonstrations and culinary classes both private and for large groups.  We bring the industry experience to you to improve your skills and make your dining experience exceptional. If your company is looking for a fun and interesting way to team build just call us.

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